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Data Center Transformation vs Migration


Many CIOs are facing the challenge of empowering their business through the use of modern technologies, often to achieve this organisations are looking to cloud or updated platforms to better support or prepare for growth. Below we discuss transformation engagements, and what that really means.

What's the difference?

Migration, or otherwise referred to in the industry as "Rehost" or "lift & shift" is the most common type of migration project, this essentially is the process to move infrastructure like for like from an existing platform to new. Worth a note, Rehost can often include a form of transformation by means of P2V (physical server to virtual server conversion)

Data Center Transformation is so much more than this, the process requires us to understand how an organisation works, learning the business needs and plan for fundamental changes to the way IT is delivered.

In this discussion, I'm going to specifically focus on the Infrastructure side of transformation.

What's the right strategy?


One size doesn't fit all requirements, all businesses are different, with organisations at differing stages of their transformational journey.

For teams delivering new applications, the choice is clear - design and architect an application to leverage cloud computing.

For existing applications, the choice is not so straightforward and requires careful consideration of costs associated, the level of effort required and the time to complete "the move".

For core, long lived applications, a phased migration may be the only option, and the sooner cloud computing is embraced, the quicker the business gains efficiency.

Some companies we have talked to have been successful in taking this phased approach for transforming their traditional applications and as a result minimized the risk while maximising the benefits from embracing cloud.

Choosing a partner

Some businesses have a clear plan and require assistance in achieving these goals, whereas others are earlier in their journey and need support in defining the right strategy for their transformation.

Selecting a partner that has real-world experience is vital in ensuring the bumpy path that can come with undertaking such significant changes to way in which IT is delivered.

Most migration teams will say they have a new approach to their methodology, truth is, all migration projects require the three main phases,


Understanding what needs to be transformation or migrated

Analysis & Planning

Mapping out each applications, its dependencies to neighbouring applications and infrastructure


The actual move - within an approved change window - whether that be to rehost, refactor or re-engineer.

So, the obvious question is, "why Towers Associates, what do they do differently"?

Why Towers Associates?

We're proud to provide a suite of agile services to guide your organisation through your transformation journey.

Our migration, modernisation and transformation services are globally available, delivered by our best-in-class practitioners. Our unique approach to tooling enables us to thoroughly analyse all options to ensure we help organisations make a more informed decision on their transformation options.

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