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Towers Associates’ AWS assessment readiness, migration and modernisation services help organisations successfully adopt cloud technologies & use them in an optimised manner within the well-architected framework. Differentiate yourself through adopting AWS cloud technologies through migration, modernisation & optimisation of your current workloads. Towers Associates help you in being at the forefront of technological innovation and save costs as you innovate in your Cloud usage & consumption

  • Assessment

    Asses your current state & suitability to consume AWS Services & which solutions will add most benefit to your organisation

  • Transformation & Migration

    Cloud migration plan to provide you with a detailed Roadmap & journey for your AWS transformation

  • Optimisation

    Compare costs of current workloads with AWS & provide post migration recommendations against industry benchmarks 

  • Our AWS services

  • Amazon EC2 for Windows Servers partners

    As a specialist Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server Delivery Partners Towers Associates can help you plan, implement, and manage cloud migration and modernisation of Windows-based solutions. With expertise implementing and migrating Microsoft Workloads, Amazon EC2 for Microsoft Windows Server Delivery Partners can maximise your agility, security, and cost efficiency.

  • AWS Control Tower partners (Landing Zones)

    AWS Control Tower streamlines the setup and governance of secure, multi-account AWS environments, significantly reducing the time and complexity involved in establishing governance for numerous AWS accounts. As a specialist AWS Control Tower Consulting Services provider, Towers Associates offer customised services, such as tailored controls, account factory setup, regulatory compliance solutions, and enterprise-specific solutions for IoT, containerisation, and data lakes.


  • Amazon RDS partners

    Towers Associates can help you with database monitoring, security, and performance using Amazon RDS database engines, including Amazon Aurora MySQL, Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, Oracle, and SQL Server. As a specialist in RDS we can help you set up, operate, and scale a relational database in the cloud. Amazon RDS Ready Partner products offer validated solutions for Amazon RDS, including migration, performance, governance, and monitoring tools. These products support applications deployed within customer accounts or as SaaS through AWS Partners' accounts.

  • AWS Database migration partners

    AWS Database Migration Service Delivery Partners are AWS Partners who help customers use AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) to migrate databases to AWS easily and securely while minimising application downtime and following best practices. They support both homogenous migrations such as Oracle to Oracle, as well as heterogeneous migrations between different database platforms, such as Oracle to Amazon Aurora or Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL.

  • Success story: Complex Migration

    A US medical company was beginning the process of a migration to a hybrid cloud model using AWS to host several high priority application services. As part of the migration process there were many configuration changes required for each device to meet their AWS infrastructures requirements.

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