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Towers Associates is a datacentre transformation specialist company solving complex problems with technology, methodology, process and experience.

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To help companies achieve better business outcomes through the adoption of sound strategy, assurance and consumption of cloud and IT solutions.

Our aim is to "operationalise your strategy"

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It starts from an idea, and we turn it into a reality. We're able to take what you're looking to achieve and layout the path to reach and exceed your goals.

We develop a complete understanding of your environment and the interdependancies between different elements, from the applications themselves down to the hardware they run on.


After our current state assessment, we're then able to give you a range of different options and approaches to chose from to help achieve the results you're looking for.


Using our in-house tools, we're able to tell you exactly how the project is progressing from start to finish, with complete transparancy of activities and results through every stage.


From your business plan to the final hurdle, we keep a detailed track of all activities throughout the engagement to provide you an in-depth roadmap of the project so you can see why you made the right choice to work with us.




Through our own tried and tested methods, we take a deep dive into your environment to make sure we both have a complete understanding of all the moving parts that keep your business running.
After producing a complete overview of your environments interdependencies, we are then able to define the architecture that is required to achieve your project goals, helping to reduce costs and streamline your infrastructure.




Using your requirments and our data discovery, we're then able to create a step-by-step runbook which defines every step required to reach the end goal you're looking to achieve.



Move & Modernise

With our team of industry leading developers, we're able to take your existing products, increase application efficiency, and help streamline future development of your applications.

Managing an ever expanding technology stack can become difficult. Through dependency analysis, we're able to help modernize your environment and consolidate unnecessary risk while also reducing operational costs in the process.









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Previous engagements

Customer Critical SaaS platform

Global SaaS provider needed assistance with a risk free approach to migrating away from their legacy platform, while avoiding being stuck within one hyperscaler.
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Business Case creation

UAE customer engaged us to help define the business for thier transformation journey, accompanied with an actionable roadmap to achieve the outcomes.
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Assuring a UK bank’s digital journey

UK headquartered bank with over 68,000 employees undertaking a major transformation to become fully digital.
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The team is composed of change makers. A blend of enterprise IT insiders, who know how to make effective change and hands-on experts with deep knowledge of modern tools and techniques.

In the Modern Data Center: IT Engineer Doing Maintenance and Diagnostics. Pushes Cart alongside Server Racks, Opens Cabinet to Install New Hardware for Planned System Update, Equipment Replacement.

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Across the private and public sectors, we help organisations achieve better business outcomes through the adoption of cloud and IT solutions.