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Application Portfolio
Management (APM)

Application Portfolio Management (APM) is the practice of governing and optimising inventories of software applications to achieve precise business objectives. This is accomplished by creating transparent overviews of IT application landscapes to evaluate IT costs, standardise software throughout business units and promote agility and innovation.

With APM from Towers Associates, you can:

  • Enable cloud native strategies and meet the 6Rs

  • Upgrade processes with lean principles and the Technology Business Management (TBM) framework

  • Secure the adoption of strategic platforms with holistic insights using powerful reporting

  • Reduce IT complexity and improve efficiency

  • Promote collaboration between business and IT to react faster to business needs

  • Rationalise application costs and lower total cost of ownership

  • Prioritise IT projects

  • Strengthen business processes by uncovering technological gaps

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Business Capability
Mapping (BCM)

Business Capability is the expression or the articulation of the capacity, materials, and expertise an organisation needs in order to perform core functions. Enterprise Architects use Business Capabilities to illustrate the overarching needs of your business in order to better strategise IT solutions that meet those business needs.

With BCM from Towers Associates, you can:

  • Create templated industry vertical capability maps

  • Know where your company is heading and how IT can help

  • Bridge business and IT by connecting Business Capabilities and applications

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Technology & Risk
Management (TRM)

Technology risk is the potential for any unknown end-of-life components which might create a risk to the running of your business.

With TRM from Towers Associates, you can:

  • Analyse application lifecycles

  • Visualise end of life vendor dates

  • Understand how end-of-life technologies may impact your applications and business

  • Reduce cost and risk – and increase agility

Technology lifecycle mapping

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Configuration Management
Database (CMDB)

The goal of a CMDB is to provide your organisation with the information needed to make better business decisions and run efficient ITSM processes. By centralising all configuration information, you and other leaders can better understand critical CIs and their relationships.

With CMDB from Towers Associates, you can:

  • Create a central reference point for IT assets and infrastructure

  • Map data flows and application dependencies

  • Promote transparency, visibility, and better management of IT assets

  • Support accurate risk assessment for new changes and deployments

  • Centralise data from a myriad of sources

  • Support effective event/incident management

  • Facilitate investigation of problem configuration items

  • Automate population and maintenance

  • Improve IT visibility and control across scaling hybrid cloud environments

  • Link software and servers to applications

  • Assess servers and data centres in use

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