Preparing for Replatforming

Preparing for Replatforming

The Challenge

A UK based leading innovator in health and social care that had recently been acquired, needed an entirely new infrastructure platform provisioned in a new datacentre as the legacy platform was failing. They needed the following:

  • A full evaluation on the current state of their Legacy platform.
  • Creation of a new CSI complaint Linux images that would offer continued support.
  • New transfer links established between the Legacy and Target platform.
  • Full new environment that surpassed the current Legacy with backup nodes.

With much of the system knowledge no longer in the company they needed a platform that apart from all the OS updates, mirrored their Legacy. Therefore, the infrastructure approach needed to consider the following:

  • Would the Legacy apps be supported with the latest OS versions?
  • How would navigation in the new environment compare to the Legacy?
  • What approach would be supported when ready to migrate?

The Solution

Towers Associates worked closely with the leadership team in the new acquiring DC, along with the infrastructure team on the customer side, to ensure that all requirements were met. This was planned as below:

  • With all Legacy data ingested, App owner interviews were held to understand the requirements for all dependencies.
  • The network diagram had to be configured to allow the traffic to reach the new target environment when migration readiness was achieved.
  • A zero-service interruption plan needed to be put in place given the nature of the organisation.

The Outcome

The customer now had a new platform with all the latest OS and Linux Images ready for a later planned re-platforming migration. This new platform offered the following:

  • Accelerated performance on both the infrastructure and the network.
  • System wide failover prevention.
  • A fully mapped and tested platform ready for the migration approach.
  • Work with us

    If you’re ready to get started or your project is already underway, we’d like to know more.

  • Work with us

    If you’re ready to get started or your project is already underway, we’d like to know more.

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